Your presentations can include flash and video

Buckland360 is now supporting clients with rapid authoring support. This provides clients with high quality flash based presentations and elearning for use via the web or other formats. Our all-rounder capacity ensures that these projects can be done quickly, with minimal distraction to your staff and on a very cost effective basis.

The services are based on a platform of leading software, including Adobe photo and video editing and Articulate’s suite of authoring tools and┬ácover:

  • editing your existing videos or arrange filming – this may be key staff doing a piece to camera for marketing clips or showing film of your company at work
  • editing your photographs or taking orginals in line with your needs
  • preparing your video, pictures and word content into interactive and stimulating presentations or elearning
  • exporting in whatever format best suits you – web, CD, networks, LMS etc



Use of a range of software supports a cost effective approach to presentations