Social Media and Design

Newsletters to video

Keeping in touch with customers and generating new customers is core to marketing success. Now there is a wide choice of ways to grab their attention and promote your services.

There is an amazing array of potential methods of communicating directly with your customers:

  • the traditional tools – email, mail, newsletters, sponsorship, seminars, brochures, advertisements, conferences, editorial
  • the tools of the internet – website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, videos, webinars, video presentations 

Our communication and design skills were first honed on newsletters and brochures nearly 24 years ago, and we started designing websites 20 years ago!

This experience now takes a new direction:

  • assistance on using social media
  • editing short videos for Youtube
  • designing presentations and interactive e-learning.

To find out how traditional and internet marketing can work better in your business, phone or email Tamara or Nick.